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The book
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Thursday, 10 July 2008
Storie # 1
Mood:  happy
Topic: The book

The Squirrel and the 747

A true story

By Nathan Hypes

And Will Appelquist

This story is about a squirrel, A squirrel who had dreams, dreams of travel, dreams of adventure, and most of all dreams of nuts.

Our story starts out in the small town of Tokyo on April 14 the year 2007. Early that morning our little friend whose name is Sciurus Carolinensis (we will call him Jeffery) Was out on his morning breakfast hunt. Jeffery had a restless night thinking about acorns, moths, tree bark, well anything that he could eat basically. As it is a common known fact that squirrels are most active early morning and right before dark he really needed to get a move on, especially if was to get his belly full before his daily afternoon nap. Now Jeffery was not an old squirrel in fact he was only 2 years of age he was still full of pep and vigor only a squirrel under the age of 6 could have. This particular morning as he was jumping from tree to tree some spanning 20 feet apart, after a particularly fast June bug. He was starting to get frustrated that his eyes were so far apart and placed high on his head, that it was hard for him to see exactly what he was biting at. But there was an upside to this, he had wonderful peripheral vision which allowed him to catch a glimpse of that cash load of peanuts being wheeled to the boing 747 on the runway. This 747 was being prepared to load with passengers and depart. Now this particular 747 was traveling to another very small town in the united states, Dallas Texas.

Jeffery not knowing this fact or not caring knew this was his break, this was his lottery. A lifetime supply of nuts, all he would have to do is sit back and get fat. You could just imagine Jeffry’s thought at that moment. Its like thinking about Those mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese grandma made at Sunday lunch every week. The thought just gets the saliva flowing. Unfortunately for Jeffery he is a squirrel and cannot salivate.

So Jeffery made his decision June bug or peanuts. He did of course what any squirrel would. Went for the nuts. Now Jeffery was faced with a new dilemma he was perched on the tallest closest tree to the runway still spanning more than 35 feet. not only that but the fence was topped with razor wire. While trying to make a solid plan and realizing the plane would soon depart his walnut sized brain sparked to life and told him jump. Spread your arms. You will make it. Jeffery soon realized he was not like his close cousins the flying squirrel. After a long fall and a sudden stop at the bottom of the fence he realized he was small enough to fit through the links of the fence.

So he had made it to his cash load he was on board. Jeffery ate, slept, then ate some more. Soon he thought to himself I like this place maybe I will stay, so he went off in search for a home on the 747. Now on his journey looking for the perfect spot with the perfect view he had apparently made quite a ruckus and was heard scurrying around above the cabin. Now to a 747 full of passengers a mile up this is a bad spot to be in. What if Jeffery was to chomp the wrong wire not only would he fry himself he might just bring the whole plane down. So Just like Jeffery chasing the nuts over the bug, the pilot made the choice any pilot would do. He looked out his window and saw a very very large island he thought wow that must be Australia. Not only on this stop could I pet koala bears Jeffery would love it there, It would be a win win situation. So down they went and a successful landing it was.

Now it was time to work. As the crew tried for over an hour to coax Jeffery out to safety the pilot went on search for the closest koala to pet. Unfortunately he would not find one. Nope there were no koala bears near at all. The pilot mistaking Hawaii for Australia had gotten his hopes up.

Not only unfortunately for the pilot, it was very unfortunate for Jeffery. You see it is a common known fact that squirrels are illegal in Hawaii. So the pilot was off, he ran at blistering speeds how could he live with himself knowing that he had put Jeffery in this place, That he would be responsible for Jeffery’s eternal slumber.

He rushed back to the 747 only to realize that he was to late. The authorities had been notified, The sentence had been given, The punishment carried out. Jeffery had been put down, the pilots love for koala bears had taken a life.

The next few days were hard for the squirrels. There was crying, Hate, anger for the humans. It was time. Time for their revenge, plans were being made, forces being mustered from the forests. The people were scared, as they should be. As another coincidence there are 747 million acres of forest land in the united states. There are 1.5 squirrels per acre. three times the number of squirrels to people. They should be scared.

Shortly after news reports of the Jeffry slaying came out, local authorities began to receive reports of a crazed squires attempting to enter housing. Dismissed early as a rabies epidemic the activity now seems to point to a concerted effort by the Squirrel community at large, and the general problem of growing unrest toward America’s human population.
Rick Piddles, in a rare public address noted a parallel between the Jeffry’s slaying, and Pearl Harbor saying that both days would live in infamy. However in a cryptic yet ironic way Piddles had found a pleasant side to the violence. Saying that America's is a melting pot and now also a stew pot (full of
squirrels) and soon to be full of squirrel stew. Piddles also noted that his grandma had never made him macaroni.

Posted by gr8whitehypes at 12:32 AM EDT
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The Book
Mood:  a-ok
Topic: The book

Well for all of you who care enough to look the book is in process of being written.


you will just have to wait but I will be posting select stories on here to let you all have a taste of what is to come.

I understand that this project has taken longer than susposed to but we got a slow start and also wanted to ensure that only the very best ideas were put into this work


Posted by gr8whitehypes at 12:28 AM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 10 July 2008 12:35 AM EDT
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